Creativity & Haiku

Our creativity session focussed on nature and we brought leaves, stones, and flowers from our walk and the garden. Michael talked about Julia Cameron’s book The Artists Way and suggested creativity can be a wonderful mindful activity
He also invited us just to have fun rather than doubting our creative abilities. Sometimes making, or writing is more accessible than drawing.
We looked at Haiku’s about nature, Thay’s writing on asking a leaf in autumn about how it felt about falling from The Other Shore (2017), making marks playing with the textures of nature by rubbing or using different pens, pencils and textured paper, collage using colour papers and making a 3d scene using a simple concertina fold as a base.

Sabry's transmission of the "Five Mindfulness Trainings"

I received the transmission of the `"Five Mindfulness Trainings" from Sister Hero (Chân Lăng Nghiêm = Adornment with Heroic March), during a pandemic retreat for activist called "Action from the Heart" (28th February 2021,), and my Dharma name is "Gentle Spring of the Heart" (Tẩm Nhà Nguyễn) and now I am gently working toward the transmission of the 14MT but, as Thay says, "I am already what I would like to become"...

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Podcast from Sister True Dedication

Brilliant brilliant podcast from 1st June. Incredible teaching and sister true dedication always a joy as you said Deirdre. Massive thanks for recommending. 🙏 It was very deep and resonant - so much dharma. 👌🏻🌻

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Painting by Odilon Redon

Morning 🙂 just sharing a beautiful painting by one of my faves, Symbolist painter Odilon Redon. He painted and drew the Buddha quite a bit, but this one felt so gorgeous for today 🌻 M.

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What has drawn me into Buddhism & Mindfulness - by I.

Ever since I can remember, I had a mind full of curiosity and wonder of my environment, the people surrounding me and noted a spiritual aspect to my life. As a young child I would sit quietly on my own in my treehouse watching the crops in the field below bend and sway in the gentle summer breeze for a long time very content. At the time I didn't realise this was mindfulness, my family or friends did not meditate.

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You Don’t Just Lose Someone Once

You lose them over and over,sometimes many times a day.When the loss, momentarily forgotten,creeps up,and attacks you from behind.Fresh waves of grief as the realization hits home,they are gone.Again.You don’t just lose someone once,you lose them every time you open your eyes to a new dawn,and as you awaken,so does your memory,so does the jolting bolt of lightning that rips into your heart,they are gone.Again.Losing someone is a journey,not a one-off.There is no end to the loss,there is only a learned skill on how to stay afloat,when it washes over.Be kind to those who are sailing this stormy sea,they have a journey ahead of them,and a daily shock to the system each time they realize, they are gone,Again.You don’t just lose someone once,you lose them every day,for a lifetime.©Donna Ashworth

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Zero Waste Guildford

I happened to go to Guildford a few days ago and I discovered this immense gem, which is this community shop called Zero Waste - it really impressed me. This wonderful little place aims at having zero waste and minimise the carbon footprint we have on this beautiful planet of ours. I highly recommend everyone to visit this shop.

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One Planet by David Attenborough

A new wonderful series by David Attenborough: One Planet - you can find it on Netflix. It explores the beauties of Nature and highlights Climate Crisis and disintegration in a gracious but firm way. Five Steps to Help Save Our Planet

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A beautiful Surrey tree sculpture and a dog, one of our Sangha's member has sent today for our website, as we want to make it live. Enjoy the sun and the beauty Mother Earth always provide us with... it is a constant surprise! 

Michele's plant & verses about our Sangha

At our last monthly in person meditation, we gathered at my place (Sabry's) and. Michele came with yummy little cup cupcakes and a lovely little succulent plant. When, after the Sangha left, `I sent her a message to thank her she replied with, "Ah pleasure. A constellation of people held in a deep blue circle . They are little house leek ‘pups’ so will take a few weeks to grow roots down into the soil. A sunny spot and the odd splash of water abs they will be fine 🌱🌞"

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Michele's memories from the "Day of Mindfulness" in London, Sat 11th June 2023

When we were asked to share in groups what had brought us joy, I chose the view from the window- the light, shadow, movement of bamboo and growth all seemed to point to all the elements that join together to create such an elegant scene. The water for the bamboo, the light for growth and shadow, and heat of the sun, the wind moving the canes…. Everything in harmony and inter being….  Also so glad Sunday was nourishing too…

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Michele's story: What has drawn me into Buddhism & Mindfulness

I was inspired to start my Buddhist journey by my trek to Everest Base Camp in 2019. The gentle strong and kind nature of the Nepalese, coupled with the incredible beauty of the Himalayan mountains festooned with prayer flags, thangkas and stupas, and the epic prayer wheels drew me in. An incredibly moving experience.

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Sangha's Day of Mindfulness - Sunday 23 April 2023

We had a beautiful "Day of Mindfulness", with the Sangha, with Walking, Silent, Guided Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Dharma talk with a recording by Thay, yummy vegan food, music, poems, and more poems, songs and chants + it was so amazing, post pandemic lockdowns to be together and  be able to deepening our practice and bonding more and more with each other 

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'Breathing in, I see myself as space

Breathing out, I feel free.'