If you live in Guildford area (or in any locations not too far from Guildford) and would like to join "Peace is the Wey of Guildford Sangha", or for any other information about it, please contact us on Peace2weySangha@proton.me and/or fill the below form.

Thank you! We will try and reply to you with a mindful breathing smile, as soon as we can.. 🙏

When you join "Peace is the Wey of Guildford Sangha" you will receive the following:

  • A welcome email with the details on how to join our weekly practice and other info (e.g. date & programme of our next "Day of Mindfulness").
  • A free copy of "How To Enjoy Our Practice"
  • A free wooden double sided coaster with the "Five Contemplations" and the "Five Remembrances".

+ you will be added to our What's App Group or, in case you are not on What's App, any Sangha's communication will be sent to you via email.

Thank you!

'Breathe and smile'